A common resolution that people make each New Year, is to improve their organizational skills or de-clutter their house. One of the areas that’s impacted the most by odds and ends, is your garage. If you can’t even park your vehicle in yours, then your garage is a great place to get started.

1. Throw away what you don’t need.
Grab a few trash bags and start tossing everything that’s broken or expired. Remember to dispose of chemicals in an appropriate manner.

2. Donate what shouldn’t be thrown out.
Are you holding onto old lawn equipment or sports gear that you haven’t touched in over a year? If you don’t have plans to use it in the next few months, it’s time to go. Consider having a garage sale, or save yourself the time and donate it to a local charity!

3. Invest in shelving.
Shelves should be mounted high enough so that car doors or hoods don’t bump into them, but don’t put them in the way of your garage door track. Give yourself plenty of room to get in and out. Add cubbies or baskets to make it easier to organize or move things out of the way.

4. Don’t forget the ceiling.
Ceiling-mounted shelves are a great way to find extra space to hold items that don’t need to go into the garage, or are too big to fit on the wall. Consider pulley-systems to lift things off of the floor, like bikes.

5. Clear the floors.
Nothing makes your garage feel cleaner than a swept floor. Consider re-sealing or painting it to make it look like new.

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