Was a trash can in the way when you left for work this morning? Did you forget to put the back down on your minivan or SUV before you hit the button to close the garage? If your normal routine means you accidentally shut the garage door onto something in the way, causing it to crumple or buckle up…you’re not the first.

Sometimes, repairing a buckled garage door is a simple as working out the dents for aesthetic purposes. But if damage has occurred to the general structure or the motors, certain pieces may need to be replaced.

Our Buford garage door company recommends calling us out to provide an assessment. The consultation is completely free; our experts will let you know if any major damage has taken place and how straightforward the repair will be. We offer fast response and same day service, so that you can rest easy about that broken garage door.

During your evaluation, we can discuss any sensors that may need to be replaced along the bottom of your garage door, so that it can prevent it from shutting on objects that may have accidentally been left behind.

What should you do first? If you’re on the way to work, we recommend releasing the garage from the track and shutting it as much as possible. Call us on your way out, and we’ll let you know how soon we can stop by to take a look. If you’re not able to be at home during the consultation, we’ll contact you about our findings or arrange to meet you at your earliest convenience.

Our garage door experts have over 35 years of experience providing repairs and garage door replacements throughout the Buford and Atlanta areas. Call us today.

Posted on behalf of Buford Garage Doors